I am a scientist working in biomedical research in the famed Kendall Square neighborhood of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Before moving to the frigid tundra that is Greater Boston, I earned a Ph.D. in biology from a university on the sunny West Coast. Outside of work, I like to discover new trails for hikes; I plan to write a blog post about the AllTrails app in this context. As a daily commuter who spent almost 4 hours (2 hours each way) commuting, I have developed a solid knack for finding and carrying items of self-sufficiency, often popular as EDC (“everyday carry”) starting with the Victorinox keychain tool and culminating with a custom Leatherman Wingman. My family affectionately refers to these as my “tchotchkes”. I am also an RSS feeds fanatic and consume all my information in that form, be it blogs, Google alerts, or local news. My feed reader of choice is NewsBlur.

I have chosen to keep this blog pseudonymous to dissociate it somewhat from my real-world persona.

Please send bouquets and brickbats to tfnwordpress@fastmail.fm and I may be able to respond. Comments on this blog are moderated and may be removed. I am simply too busy with my day job to take on the full-time task of comment moderation.

The RSS feed for this blog, if you want to subscribe to alerts in your favorite feed reader, is: https://thefiringneuron.com/feed.

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